Our Horses

Mariah's Boon

Boon is our SUPER STAR! He is the heart of Moonlit Acre. 

2006 American Drum Horse

Sire: SF Chalk Talk

Dam: King Creek Donna

Owning him since a yearling, Laura and Boon have done so much together: Driving, Trails, Pleasure, Dressage, Eventing, Obstacles, Model, and now a career man performing weddings. Boon is also the head sire to Moonlit Acre foals. Gelded in 2013; frozen semen available.

Boon is the most versatile Drum in the world!

DWF Stiletto

2012 American Drum Horse

Sire: British Sterling

Dam: Wandamere Suki

Stella is our up and coming American Drum Horse Mare. She is boss mare around here. She, like Boon, has many ribbons in halter, riding, and recently Obstacle Champion in 2016. She has started team driving with Boon to compete in combination driving.

Northrich Sassy Suzie

2017 Clydesdale Filly

Sire: Northrich Mistyland Jinx

Dam:  Donegal Mirabelle

Sassy is the newest resident of Moonlit Acre. She will be competing in driving when she reaches 3 years old. Watch her grow with us!


Boon's health history; UF did a great job so Ill let them explain. http://www.vetmed.ufl.edu/2012/01/17/4098/



Moonlit Acre Foals

Moonlit Dream


2010 American Drum Horse

Sire: Mariah's Boon

 Dam: Annie

Dreama was the beginning, and what a dream. She has Boon's temperament and Annie's good looks. She now resides with CPonies in Florida.

Moonlit Perigee

2011 American Drum Horse

Sire: Maraih's Boon 

Dam: Annie

Peri was born during the perigee, when the moon is closest to the earth, hence his name. He now resides in Florida competing in hunter pace!

Moonlit Mirage

2012 American Drum Horse

Sire: Mariah's Boon

Dam: Annie

Mia was our miracle baby and blessed by Team Moon to the rescue. She is excelling in dressage and lives in Maine.




Rainbow Bridge Horses of Moonlit Acre

Annie in the Moonlight

Annie was a 1999 Shire mare and Laura's first horse. Not only did she spark Laura's love for the feathered draft breeds, she became the matriarch to Moonlit Acres breeding program. She retired and passed the rainbow-bridge at Moonlit Acre. Gone but NEVER forgotten. 

Platinum Moon


Moo, as he was called around the farm, was a 2009 Silver Dapple American Drum Horse born at Moonlit Acre. He was taken at an early age to severe colic at the age of 3. He is a reminder of the absolute beauty of the American Drum Horse. Gone but not forgotten.